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Lifestyle Change Misconceptions

People don’t understand that fatties are not obsessed with their weight. They cannot fathom that a fat person can love, appreciate and respect their body so that there is no need for negativity and self-hatred. Everything around us preaches that thin is perfect and beautiful, and the further that you move away from that ideal, the more repulse and undesirable you are. 

No I am not eating this salad or stir-fry because I want to be a size 8. No I am not going for a walk through the park because I want to be ‘hot’. I love who I am, I love my body (yes, every ounce of fat, every dimple of cellulilte and purple stretch mark) and I am not making lifestyle changes for anyone but myself. I want to be healthy. I don’t give a fuck if I stay exactly how I am on the outside, because that girl is gorgeous. So don’t feed me this ‘good for you, you won’t know yourself when you’re thin!’ or ‘you’re going to look so much better in a few months’. 

I have something that YOU will never have and that is love and respect for my body, exactly how it is, and however it may be. No matter what.

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